School of Perfect Bakes is Asia's first ever online baking course. An innovative one-stop platform that provides home bakers of any skill level the necessary learning tools to achieve the perfect bake every time. The online course is a lifetime membership with 24/7 access on any mobile devices. Launched in July 2019, School of Perfect Bakes began when its sister company, Share Food Singapore, recognised the home bakers' need for more in-depth coaching on their recipe channel. Hence, 50 quality lessons are specially curated for local home bakers by host Diana Gale, who has professionally trained 4000 students across Asia for four years and is the author of The Domestic Goddess Wannabe BAKES. Dedicated to ensuring the students are always fully equipped with invaluable baking knowledge when they need it, School of Perfect Bakes guarantees that every bake will always be perfect. 



"I started School of Perfect Bakes after spending lots of time watching Youtube videos on how to bake chiffon cake, and when I try it myself, the result is different from what is shown on the video. And I have no time to attend baking lessons to improve my baking skills due to busy work schedules. Which is why I started this online baking course which allows anyone to learn baking from our professional baking instructors any time of the day and anywhere in the world. " 

William Seow

Founder of School of Perfect Bakes

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